Care & Repair

Your jewel Patricia Benfield is a result of a delicate process of artisanal creation, given the precious and refined craftsmanship of your Patricia Benfield jewel, we recommend you take due care in its use and handling to ensure its splendour is maintained over time. Should it be required, we offer you artisanal services that will ensure the beautiful restoration of your precious jewel.


Simple Cleaning

If you would like to clean your jewelry at home, the only thing I suggest, without knowing the item needing cleaning, is scrubbing with an unused soft toothbrush & warm water. I would be happy to clean your jewelry if you would like to arrange to have it shipped to and from my studio in Oaxaca. Please contact me with more questions at



This service is available for rings, necklaces, and bracelets. There are certain limitations to resize specific models due to their unique design. Please contact me and I will inform you about the resizing specifications for each model at



Please contact me regarding repairs. I treat them all differently depending on what needs to be repaired at