Patricia Benfield
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A Millenary Tradition

The Art of Filigree

Since the discovery of Tomb 7 in Monte Albán, the unearthing of several relics and artifacts showed a glimpse of the artistry and sophistication of the Mixtec goldsmiths’ techniques that have given the State of Oaxaca, a style of its own. Handcrafted with sacred emblems and designs molded into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that have seduced the world.
A delicate ornamental work of twisted gold and silver. One of the oldest jewelry techniques, today it might be regarded as old-fashioned and linked to simple remakes of traditional pieces, but in the right hands it can be of a magical beauty. The filigree from Oaxaca has the greatest cultural mix and wealth. Due to the ethnic, mystic, and biological diversity; its identity is kept in its millenary customs. These are inherited by our famous Mixtec goldsmiths transforming the gold and silver into unique creations.
With this artisanry inherited through generations of artisans, with refined skill and the utmost dedication, we give life to each unique piece by hand.

Millenary Ancestry

A Mestizo Tradition

Patricia Benfield was born in the state of Oaxaca, a small but historic city in southern Mexico. Patricia has always had a love for any kind of art since she was little. Due to the work of his father, he spent his childhood in different parts of Mexico to study Plastic Arts in the state of Puebla. Being married for years, and as mother of two children, tries to combine her two passions in life, family and jewelry design, study of precious stones and fine gems.
I have left my mind in so many places, but I have never stayed in a place where I have felt more safe and happy than in my hometown of Oaxaca. I can say with certainty that this place has my heart and will definitely be for the rest of my life.
— Patricia Benfield